Howard Dierking

New Year, New Blog

Over the past year, I’ve been wanting to blog a good bit more for a couple of different reasons - many of them completely unrelated to blogging. For example:

So, there you have it. For better or for worse, that’s my rationale.

I would like to thank the good folks at CodeBetter for all of the support during the years that I’ve been blogging on their platform. It was truly an honor to have been invited into that circle and I will continue to have the site as a staple in my RSS feed. I have no intention of removing any of my previous content from that site. My plan is simply to start blogging over here going forward. Also, expect that there may be a few swings in look/functionality/other in the early stages as I’m in the process of learning best practices around a bunch of different things, like:

And naturally, if you have any thoughts or ideas that could save me some headaches or wasted time, leave a comment or message me…well, as soon as I figure out how to get that setup!