Howard Dierking

Sublime Text Multiple Cursors: Getting OSX out of the Way

I had been ignoring this inconvenience for a bit because it wasn’t something that was hugely messing up my workflow…until this morning, where I needed to grab a table of stuff from a Web site and massage it into an array. For this, the column-based multiple cursor feature of Sublime Text is a huge time saver.

The problem is [was] that the command to do this on OSX is command+shift+up/down arrow, and by default, these keyboard shortcuts are mapped to the Mission Control (ctrl+up reveals Mission Control while ctrl+down reveals all open application windows).

If you’re running into this frustration, simply go into your keyboard preferences, find Mission Control in the list, and then uncheck the ‘Mission Control’ and ‘Application windows’ keyboard bindings. All will then be well again with the world from a Sublime perspective.