• 30 Jan 2014

    My Next Pluralsight Course (plus, I need your help)

    I couple of years ago, I created the course REST Fundamentals for Pluralsight. The course seems to have resonated well with folks and as such, Pluralsight has given me the opportunity to produce a follow up course, which I’m titling ‘Building RESTful Cloud-Scale Services.’ The big idea for the course is this: while cool architecturally, REST isn’t an end unto itself, but a means to achieving a certain set of system characteristics. Prior to the rise of cloud computing, the value behind some of these characteristics seemed questionable because of the economics of computing. Put another way, in the world where applications ran on owned hardware, it didn’t really matter whether or not an application was wasteful with CPU resources, because it was highly unlikely that it would exceed the CPU’s capacity and (more importantly) the hardware had already been paid for (via capital expenditure) and there was therefore no tangible cost associated with the waste.

  • 19 Jan 2014

    On Juggling

    I realize that there are entire shelves worth of books on this subject, but enough people have asked me about my approach to juggling all of the email, meetings, and various deliverables at Microsoft that I figured I would add my 2 cents to the corpus in hopes that maybe it might provide one extra nugget to someone. As surprising as it may seem (it does to me much of the time), I also have a life outside of Microsoft that is pretty hectic in its own right, including training content authoring, independent consulting, church commitments, and most importantly, my wife and 3 daughters. With all of those metaphorical balls constantly in motion, I’ve had to develop some skills over the last few years in order to get things accomplished and simultaneously maintain sanity.

  • 14 Jan 2014

    New Year, New Blog

    Over the past year, I’ve been wanting to blog a good bit more for a couple of different reasons - many of them completely unrelated to blogging. For example: