• 04 May 2017

    Thoughts on a Next Generation API Gateway

    Over the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity to look at a number of different API Gateway products as well as participate in the design and development of a fit for purpose gateway service for my company. Through these opportunities, I have landed on a conclusion about the current API Gateway landscape and a vision for the future of API Gateways.

  • 12 Mar 2017

    My Workflow

    I initially became interested in personal workflow methods and tools when I started at Microsoft in 2006. Microsoft differed from my previous roles in that projects generally required coordination across multiple teams - meaning that there were lots of tasks to manage. Additionally, the corporate culture made heavy use of emails and meetings - meaning that tasks could originate from a variety of sources at almost any time. Without some kind of structure, working at Microsoft could very easily become purely reactionary. And as you may have experienced in your own work, reactionary work may keep you busy, but it doesn’t make you very effective. Most importantly, this kind of work doesn’t feel very satisfying.

  • 02 Mar 2017

    On Disappointment

    I’ve been completely unfocused this week waiting to hear the outcome of a meeting that I knew was planned for Tuesday. The meeting was of the admissions committee for MIT’s Sloan School of Management. In the fall, I began work on applying to the executive MBA program - and this process took me through writing 4 essays, securing 3 letters of recommendation, and even dusting off (translation: rewriting) my resume. In January, I advanced to the in-person interview stage of the process - it looked like this thing could really happen. However, everything came down to Tuesday’s meeting and I had not heard the outcome until this morning.

  • 05 Feb 2017

    Technology Divergence and Conway's Law

    In 2015-2016, there was a fair amount of discussion in the industry about the rise of polyglot development. The idea was simple enough: rather than standardizing on a set of programming languages and tools, development organizations would choose the right tool for the right job. Successful developer in this brave new world needed then to learn a host of new tools, from languages and frameworks like NodeJS, Golang, Elixir, and Rust to infrastructure automation tools like Docker, Mesos, Terraform and beyond.