• 22 Jun 2015

    I lost a friend today

    I have a million and one things that I should be doing right now. There’s code that needs to be reviewed, more code that needs to be written, customer calls to prepare for, expense reports to approve (and submit).

  • 24 May 2015

    On API Gateways

    Do you or your company build Web APIs and, if so, do you use an API gateway to broker traffic between your customers and your products? In this post, I want to tell you a little about our experience with this class of products and add a little of my opinion, but if you’re using an API gateway, I want to hear about your experience - the good and the bad.

  • 18 May 2015

    9 Months In - Reflections on Teams and Agile

    I’ve been a dev manager now for about 9 months and I have to say that I’m really enjoying this role. It’s not a job without frustrations, and I haven’t escaped the all of the frustrations that I had as a PM - particularly that of trying to balance writing code with “other duties as assigned.” However, when it’s all summed, I think that I’m a much better fit for operating on the engineering side of the house than I am at the business side.

  • 02 May 2015

    Untangling a Monolith

    We all have see them; most of us have to deal with them; many of us contributed to writing at least one of them. Legacy code bases tend to evolve over decades and will with rare exception get messier and more entangled as a function of the number of people working on the project and the lines of code they produce (a phenomenon that seems pretty consistent with the rest of the known universe). My company was recently challenged to take our ~17 year old code base and make a fundamental architectural shift from a more traditional layered monolithic architecture to a micro-service one. Coupled with that architectural goal, we also want to start moving as many services as possible to public cloud providers in order to take advantage of the elasticity that the cloud can provide.